We've added a new machine to our shop!

Integrex i-200S

We’ve added a new machine to our shop!

The new Integrex i-200S has arrived! We are very excited to be expanding our shop with this 5-axis, multi-tasking, turning machine. This will allow for us to combine the capabilities of a high-powered turning center with a full function machining center; producing parts in a single setup. The machine consists of a powerful main turning spindle, a secondary turning spindle and a milling spindle with y-axis travel and b-axis rotation.

It features an automatic tool changer that simplifies tooling setup. Now our machinists will monitor the process to ensure accuracy instead of wasting time changing out new tooling. It does it automatically for us! With this new machine in our shop, we will reduce machine setups, reduce workpiece handling, increase productivity and increase accuracy. The high cutting performance also covers a large machining area and is capable of a wide variety of materials.

  • • Higher productivity and high accuracy
  • • Wide range of applications and materials
  • • 5-axis capability to process rounded parts
  • • Multitasking machine without having to switch operation
  • • Automatic tooling changeover
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