Printing Plate Cleaning Cart


Custom Fabricated Project

Hillside offers a full range of custom fabrication and welding services. We utilize the latest techniques and equipment, so we can craft any project from start to finish. Our shop can assist with R &D prototypes, reverse engineering, custom applications, safety improvements and repairs.

One of the current projects going through the shop is a custom fabricated cleaning cart. Our customer was struggling with their existing cleaning process and came to Hillside for a solution. Our in-house engineering team fully redesigned a printing plate cleaning cart, simplifying the process and streamlining production.

In order to create the parts for this assembly, our shop utilized water jet cutting, forming and welding processes. Our water jet cut the stainless-steel material that was then used to form the base of the sink. Our certified welders took the pieces and fabricated them together to form one cohesive unit. A custom tank was also designed to collect excess waste and further simplify the cleaning process.

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Printing Plate Cleaning Cart

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