Introducing Doosan Robotics to Hillside Custom

New to the Hillside Custom Team
Introducing Doosan Robotics 


Super Safe, Super Easy, Super Flexible

Collaborative robots from Doosan Robotics can be applied to various production processes, from simple to precision tasks, and provide optimized solutions with a variety of lineups

Benefits of the collaborative robot:

The strength of a collaborative robot is that it can work with humans. Doosan’s robots can carry out not only simple auxiliary tasks but also collaborative duties with people. A robot that collaborates with people requires a very high level of robotic functionality. Doosan’s robots can exactly simulate the complex action patterns of workers. Doosan’s advanced robotic technologies, such as precise force control and adaptive control, make this possible.

Collaborative robots can be applied in a wide range of processes, such as part assembly, screw tightening, and quality inspection using vision systems. They can also be applied in pick-and-place, packing and palletizing, and polishing/deburring processes.

What’s the difference?

Conventional industrial robots work separately from human workers and require a safety barrier to be installed. Collaborative robots can work alongside humans without a barrier. As a result, production efficiency can be increased by splitting work for the highest efficiency. Moreover, the small form factor and light weight make them highly mobile. This is a big advantage for Hillside Custom, which can deploy automation without significantly changing the layout of our manufacturing line.

Doosan’s robot system consists of three units: robot arms, a robot controller, and a teach pendant to reach the robot. You can teach motion to a robot by moving the robot arms without the need for expert programming. That is why it is called direct teaching. Doosan’s robots have a built-in precision torque sensor to provide the best soft direct teaching in the industry.

Hillside Custom has added the M-Series and H-Series to our production line-up.



At Hillside Custom, we’re always looking to find the best solutions to give our customers the best service we can. With Doosan Robotics and the wide variety of applications, we’re excited to have them in our manufacturing capability line-up!

Here are just a few of the many amazing capabilities of the Doosan Robots:


Want to learn more? Check out these videos below to see what the Doosan Robots are all about!

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