Integrex i-200S

We’ve added a new machine to our shop!

The new Integrex i-200S has arrived! We are very excited to be expanding our shop with this 5-axis, multi-tasking, turning machine. This will allow for us to combine the capabilities of a high-powered turning center with a full function machining center; producing parts in a single setup. The machine consists of a powerful main turning spindle, a secondary turning spindle and a milling spindle with y-axis travel and b-axis rotation.

It features an automatic tool changer that simplifies tooling setup. Now our machinists will monitor the process to ensure accuracy instead of wasting time changing out new tooling. It does it automatically for us! With this new machine in our shop, we will reduce machine setups, reduce workpiece handling, increase productivity and increase accuracy. The high cutting performance also covers a large machining area and is capable of a wide variety of materials.

  • • Higher productivity and high accuracy
  • • Wide range of applications and materials
  • • 5-axis capability to process rounded parts
  • • Multitasking machine without having to switch operation
  • • Automatic tooling changeover

Check out our new 3D Printer
We are Expanding our Capabilities!

Our company continues to expand with the changing and emerging markets. Our goal as an innovative machine shop is to always provide our customers with the most up-to-date technology and highest quality products. This industrial printer is capable of delivering high-performance parts right off the print bed allowing us to meet our customers’ demands at an even faster rate.

Our engineers have the opportunity to experiment with this new technology making designs a reality.  We have the capability of creating, testing and delivery parts for custom and unique applications. CNC machining and 3D printing both provide the ability for us to become our own mechanics and OEM-quality part providers. We are very excited for the opportunities to come with this new advancement and always strive to be the best innovative machine shop in the industry.

High-Strength Printing:

The 3D printer is capable of printing a variety of materials depending on the application. The standard material we use is onyx, which is a nylon-based plastic that contains chopped up carbon fiber. We also offer a straight nylon product at request. Both of these materials can be reinforced with the following composite fibers to add strength and stiffness:

  • ♦ Carbon Fiber
  • ♦ Fiberglass
  • ♦ Kevlar
  • ♦ High-Strength High-Temperature Fiberglass

The reinforced parts offer a strong and flexible solution that can withstand even the toughest of applications. 


  • • Print composite parts as strong as aluminum
  • • Reinforce your parts with composite fiber
  • • Unparalleled strength, stiffness and durability
  • • Fused and Continuous Filament Fabrication

Custom Fabricated Project

Hillside offers a full range of custom fabrication and welding services. We utilize the latest techniques and equipment, so we can craft any project from start to finish. Our shop can assist with R &D prototypes, reverse engineering, custom applications, safety improvements and repairs.

One of the current projects going through the shop is a custom fabricated cleaning cart. Our customer was struggling with their existing cleaning process and came to Hillside for a solution. Our in-house engineering team fully redesigned a printing plate cleaning cart, simplifying the process and streamlining production.

In order to create the parts for this assembly, our shop utilized water jet cutting, forming and welding processes. Our water jet cut the stainless-steel material that was then used to form the base of the sink. Our certified welders took the pieces and fabricated them together to form one cohesive unit. A custom tank was also designed to collect excess waste and further simplify the cleaning process.

Contact us today to discuss your next welding or fabrication project. We look forward to working with you to help move your company in the right direction. Call us at 610-942-3093 or email us at

Printing Plate Cleaning Cart